Watch “Self-Judgment ? Our Excuses Not to Live: A-Z of Energy Series” on YouTube

Absolutely love him he is so insightful. This is a wonderful uplifting talk on overcoming? self judgment. Face it we all do it! This is some good advice and encouragement to help understand the process of healing. Bonus it’s only 8 minutes so great for someone like me who really doesn’t have a whole lot of time to watch videos etc.

Self judgment is something I’ve always struggled with. That’s probably why I find it almost impossible to judge others. Unfortunately, I am human and I have very hectic stressful days and I do slip up. However, over time I’ve become aware that I am making a negative judgment and? promise myself I will do better next time. Although it’s nice,? especially with a significant other or important people in your life to make clear it was not something they did but something in you that made the judgement, I don’t feel it is always necessary. Some people? no matter how much you love them cannot hear your words so it may be more effective to promise yourself rather than making a promise to them. Honor promises you make to your self! Because this will? build your self trust and once you can trust in your self anything you desire cam be achieved.

Well I hope you check this video out and gain some kind of clarity. As always I’d love to hear your comments, insights, and experiences with self judgment.

Until next time wishing you well,
Mother Madison

Why Can’t We Just Have Fun!

4 Reasons Parents Don’t Have Fun With Their Own Parents

1. They always want to “fix” you

I would love to just hang out with my dad, but every time without fail he attempts to fix me. Thank you for your concern, however I’m not broken.

2. Forgiven but NOT forgotten

Even though I’ve completely forgiven my dad, the messages I was given as a child are stored in my subconscious mind. Therefore when you speak in the same tone you did when I was 5 guess what I feel the way I did when I was 5!

3. They don’t accept where you are

Although I am aware that there are many things that I’d still like to work on about myself, I really don’t need your help to do it. With all the gratitude and understanding I have for everything you’ve done for me, I am where I am and that should be ok. ESPECIALLY since I accept who you are.

4. They try to tell you how to be a parent

Just saying if you knew how to be such a wonderful parent then why is it that I’ve had to overcome my childhood?

My Very Own Blog!

20140829_103830Well it’s official, I am! It feels unreal to be making so much progress toward my dream to be of service to others. My goal is to help all women especially other mothers find ways to live a happy and meaningful lives. Looking forward to helping ease the burden of motherhood in any way that I can because, Why Survive When you can Thrive!

See you soon
Mother Madison